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Cat wearing Thundershirt
  • Das bessere Beruhigungsmittel
  • Geld-zurück-Garantie
  • Ideale Lösung für entspanntere Besuche beim Tierarzt
  • Einfaches Anziehen (Ja... wir meinen es wirklich ernst!)
  • Komplett mit abnehmbarem Katzenhalsband
  • Donner
  • Feuerwerke
  • Trennungsangst
  • Autofahrten
  • Leineziehen
  • Flugreisen
  • Miauen
  • Tierarztbesuche
  • Reaktionsfähigkeit
  • Angst vor der Hundebox
  • Lastwagen-Geräusche
  • Reizbarkeit
  • Hausgäste
  • Und vieles meh…
So funktioniert’s
  • Sicher - übt gleichmäßigen, sanften Druck aus, ähnlich dem Pucken bei Säuglingen
  • Einfach zu benutzen - einfach anziehen und die Wirkungen beobachten. Kein Training notwendig.
  • Effektiv - Laut Tierärzten, Trainern und Familien liegt die Erfolgsrate bei über 80%
  • Ideale Lösung bei Tierarztbesuchen – Der beruhigende Druck des ThunderShirts kann die Ängste Ihrer Katze (und die Ihren) bei Tierarztbesuchen deutlich lindern: bei der Hinfahrt, während der Untersuchung und bei der Heimfahrt. Reduziert oder beseitigt nervöses Kratzen, Beißen, Miauen, eventuelle Verunreinigung der Transportbox, und vieles mehr.
  • Vielseitig - Nicht nur beim Tierarztbesuch nützlich. Verwendbar für alle Arten von Ängsten und Erregbarkeit. Immer dann, wenn Beruhigung helfen könnte, kann auch ein ThunderShirt helfen
  • Komplett mit abnehmbarem Halsband - Schnallen Sie bei Tierarztbesuchen oder anderen Stress-Situationen einfach eine Leine am Halsband fest, um mehr Kontrolle über Ihr Haustier zu haben. Sie können sogar versuchen mit Ihrer Katze in der Natur spazieren zu gehen... Es kann sogar Spaß machen (Ja...wir meinen es immer noch erst!).
  • Medikamentenfrei - Keine Medikamente... einfach nur sicherer, angenehmer Druck.
  • Positive Trainingsmethode - die meisten Katzen tragen ihr ThunderShirt sehr gerne!
Thundershirt Cat Overview


We have seen a positive effect with cats

ThunderShirt is helpful in terms of making the trip to the Vet Hospital and while at the Clinic. We have seen a positive effect here with cats that we put ThunderShirt on. They relax almost immediately from the stress associated with a vet visit. I even use the ThunderShirt at home to help calm my cat while trimming his nails.


United States


Unlike Valium, you just take off the ThunderShirt with no residual side effects

Our 19lb kitty, Laser, REALLY hates to fly, and we had resorted to giving him Valium. It made him less hysterical but he felt so whacked out he'd yowl much of the flight AND the entire first night after we'd arrive. So let's just say that NO ONE liked that he traveled so poorly! A friend recommended the ThunderShirt, and we were reminded of it when we saw an ad in the airline's in-flight shopping magazine. We ordered the large size, which seemed to be fine for our big guy. It's pretty adjustable and we got it to fit pretty well, but Laser was so mellow in it he didn't seem to care if it was or wasn't on perfectly. We first tried it for the road trip to the airport, and we had ZERO yowling. Then on the airplane, it was still great. I hadn't doped him up but had the pills with us just in case. The ThunderShirt took enough of the edge off for him that he wasn't thrilled to be on a plane, stuffed in a small bag, but he was mellow and not freaking out. Yahoo! Good enough for me! We seriously had gotten to the point where we were considering road tripping for 4 days instead of having to fly with him, especially as some flight attendants say that the FAA rules require that the animal's carrier be kept under the seat ahead of you for the ENTIRE flight, not just for take off and landing. Our big scaredy cat is so much calmer if you can have the carrier on your lap, with your arm stuck in the carrier so he can rest his head on your arm. And this is a cat that doesn't like to sit on laps! But while some flight attendants are OK with that, I'm sure too many people abuse it by taking their animals completely out of their carriers, so some are really strict. On one flight on a smaller, connecting plane, Laser got so scared while under the seat ahead of him, he ripped through his carrier and was trying to climb up into my lap. I had to take a cab on our layover and buy another carrier in a seriously sketchy neighborhood with my 6 year-old daughter. Fun stuff. I'm so relieved to have found the ThunderShirt. The pheromone sprays, Valium, Rescue Remedy, etc were never enough to make travel bearable. And unlike the Valium, when you're at your destination, you just take off the ThunderShirt and there are no residual side effects, wobbly walking or all-night yowling. He doesn't love thunderstorms but he just hides under a bed and seems OK so we haven't used it except for car and plane trips. But, man, the bipeds in our family were SO less stressed because our sweet kitty was less stressed. We are really thankful and can't recommend it enough!


United States


ThunderShirt Really Works

I have had a ThunderShirt for my small dog Sally (half jack russell and half miniture pincher) since 2005 when we encountered 4 hurricanes that summer. Sally was very nervous after all the storms and now whenever there is any thunder or if it really rains hard and also when there are any fireworks she will run and hide behind the toilet. Having the ThunderShirt really helps calm her down so she is not panting and shaking anymore. However now one of my cats Steve feels that he should be scared too so he will hide under our bed. Once I figure out what size to buy for him I'm sure he will feel better too.


Lehigh Acres Florida United States


I Recommend ThunderShirt to Everyone with Behavioral Problems...

“Casper, our Persian cat which we adopted as a 5 month old kitten, has had an anxiety disorder which causes him to cry continuously through the night, starting at 3 a.m. and continuing until it is light. For the past 11 years, our vet has medicated him with Elavil (amitryptyline) a tricyclic antidepressant drug used to treat depression in humans. As the years went on, we need to continue to increase his dose. We found a partial solution in using a calming collar, which contains mother cat pheromones. However, the problem was not solved. Since buying the Thurndershirt for Casper in December, 2012, he has been quiet at night and is completely off medication. He is also much more affectionate during the day. We have observed a synergistic effect with the collar plus the ThunderShirt and continue to use both. I have recommended ThunderShirt to everyone I know with pet behavioral problems. Thank you so much for a solution to Casper’s anxiety problem without drugs!


United States

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  • ThunderShirt - Klassik für Katzen

    ThunderShirt - Klassik für Katzen

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